Tuesday, December 17, 2013

holidayss with assignmentsssssssss

feel bored so i decided to blog just for like 3mins. hahaha i know there is someone like you willing to know what had happened on me. okay. something which is very sad and very down but i do not want to mention about it here. you will know what had happened.:)  studying law for three months and now i get used to it. ( although sometimes i will feel lost but never mind, that is what i want( challenges and be the better one) friends, i am fine here and just want to tell you guys am taking 2+1 instead of 1+2 because of financial problem. so please wait me for another 2 years and i will be in UK :)  ciaooooooo continue my work.

Monday, October 22, 2012


I have decided what I want to study.but why that my sister asked me to study engineering so suddenly? I thought that my father agreed and also my mom agreed then i can go towards it.Yep.  I always needed my parents support only I have the motivation to study to. Sis told me that she prefer me to study engineering instead of law. I asked her why. She said. "Don't you prefer science always.?" Haha.  True. I stunned for like one minute and thinking about it. But there's only thing the popped out.  "Since January,I have decided to study law,I shouldn't keep changing mind, and I do like law.so, I should bring along the passion and go for it." Yea, sometimes we do confuse what we want to study,but once you think back to the reason you chose the course, you will still stick with it.

I will try my best to get what I want. :)

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Friday, October 5, 2012


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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

你你你你 , 很厉害!xD

nothing more i can say.
i just say that.
you are nice.
although i cant do anything for next. just can like now.
maybe. now is the best..=) so i didnt think too much.. look forward.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

new year eve... birthday eve..=D


went for undang test with jia wen.

we passed!!!xD

then, we went to sg and pavilion because she wants to clothes and i want to buy shoes!

so ya.. after that our biao gu fetch us to titiwangsa's monorail statioon.=)

i really do enjoy my day with her!=D



current at jia wen's house now.. this is my first time past my birthday at jia wen's house..


its good because i can 38 with her!!!x)

recieved earlier wishes .. but i dont know why i have earlier wishes??XD lol.

its ok... im happy=D

today morning we went to DUA GU's house to have our lunch. ( every year we do do the same thingxD)

latest me.=)

thats what i want to say now.

but i will update more picture soon!=)

Monday, January 24, 2011

sorry that i didnt update my blog for n days.==
feel curious why i want to update my blog?
because quite many thing happened in this three weeks.=)
something good something bad...
lets say about good.

feel ok with 5sxin and everyone is friendly..
but i still cant show out my 38. (as im just a normal student inside my class. you know. im not monitor, im not any.LOL)
so i just can speak to the guy beside me.(ho zi hao)
i short but i sit at the last roll!!you know why???because of hui wen..=D

hui wen is my assistant.. i have wrote many important document for her..
lyn.. still my dearest daughter.. chatted with me when we have free time..

that not the main point.
i know something that you don feel to give up.
but you should.
try to get a new life for urself.
don just stand there do nothing.
step forward.
thats what i love to say..=)

undang test!!!!!=D

wish me good luck then..=)