Monday, July 26, 2010


i miss the days when we practise..=(

Saturday, July 10, 2010

don regret.

today i scolded them..

i don feel to scold them.. but i really dont know what can i do adi..

sorry for them.

i just hope u all can do all ur best for me to see.

i want the pro always.

don give up.

i scold you all because i still let the hope be .

i know you all can..=)

suddenly miss hui li and hui kee.

i dont know why but i really do..

when can i see them and chat with them again.?

especially hui kee..

faster come bak la...TT


warm still here and keep it on.

sangat 38 la.xD
dont think too much la..
they just wanna me to talk with you.
no matter what.
i always always be ur side.=)
who call im ur mom.xD

smile always.
and thanks win hoe.<3