Wednesday, December 1, 2010

you're special. but not friendly.

ya this latest me. yi chan.=D

in this holidays i went to korea and now started to feel boring stay at home..




i do practise everyday for this .( for me i was that pro that i can practise for two hour!==)

haha.. anyway.. something make me feel depress.

i kept practise the same song.

but i don feel im having improve.

just try and try.


something blocked me to do the expression.

you know i know.

something different this time.

you aint the same as others.

its hard to know you well actually.

but i will try to and try again again and again.

its really a BIG different.

sorry if you cnt understand what im saying.

because i dunno how to arrange it and type it into my blog.

so ya.

what i thought in my mind and i will type in.

im sorry.=)