Saturday, January 9, 2010

the day which i went back the earliest.

today still the same.
went to band room chit chat then went up..
something happened..
the one who is my best best friend when form one .
started to quit.
i dunno how to say.
i juz hope he can stay happily juz like last time.
saw me at least will 38 with me..
chatted with bunny and heu man today.
we will know.
and chatted alot with yeu leng and jason.
they are nice for me!=)

my class.
4s ai.
still ok caz i juz know few of them..
most came from 3ai..
and juz 10 of 3xin's in that class.
but i think this class will be alright..=)

jiawen.. 100 bucks belum bagi kamu le...><

i will go out with my grandpa for dinner later!<3


bLuR bLuR cL@iRE said...

be happier please...=]
glad to hv u as my best fren...xD
n call me dai4 dai4...xP

J●son said...

chan jie
chan er
woots!! XD

LeisuRely said...

jia you fr ur coco and oso fr ur study. dun 临时抱佛脚 again ah~~