Monday, February 1, 2010


first of february.
actually organised for a long time but then.
two ppl were here.
its ok then.
don wan to pick up my phone thats ok.
but then can u just tell me u cant come urself?
u didnt try before the feel?
come on.
think la.


went to korean restaurant with yeu leng and heu man.
ate for total RM126.
i was totally no mood act.
but at last i ate all the serve myself.
sure they two together.
i love chap-chae.xD

after that.
went to jusco.
suppose go to watch a movie.
but we decided to shop.
bought something @popular (something that we need to use in the class)
then heu man wanna buy shoes.
so walked around and she bought 1 pair.
saw starbucks.
went in for an ice-blended mocha.
i wan add the blue shirt de...><
online.and sure chit chat.

we went for photo hunt.
when we're playing that.
i kept thinking the day we were at genting.
playing the same thing.

yeu leng.
heu man.=)

i shouldn't organise anything.

1 comment:

~Cloud~ said...

call them hang out dun hav call me lar huh..lolz
anyway,if u dun organise those gathering..
our friendship won't maintain so long..
dun think like dat k..?
smile =)