Tuesday, March 30, 2010


maybe you really need to try.

you only know that u can.

maybe you should ask urself.

am i wrong?

only you can change urself.

maybe you should ask urself.

are u a nice ppl?

only you can be nicer and nicer.

mayb you should ask yourself.

am i pretty/ handsome?

only you can be prettier and prettier.

what you should do is.

give yourself confident.

everyone can.

so why don you?=)

finally exam is over.

i'm soooooooooooo happy!xD


i didnt study sejarah..

geng le..==


i wanna go hong kong...TT

i wanna go taiwan again..TT

today our class having steamboat..xD




Lijun aka June said...

And he! :D

LeisuRely said...

u din study sejarah !!?? Jie fainted... @@ anyway~~ haha~~ congratulation that u release urself frm exam hell~~ can indulge urself with many things now~~ xD

Normal Ling said...

i want to go taiwan again also!