Tuesday, September 21, 2010

stay tune

happy mooncake festival.!=D

half year anniversary.x)

today im having clarinet class so i didnt go out with anyone.
the first time i wake up sooooo early to go for jogging with my parents..
the first time i use my holiday to do project!

but not the first i on my laptop during my holiday.oh ya..
happy birthday to my dearest yee jiat.x)
she's my best partner when i was form one.
she just sit beside me with ankern.
you can see that till now. we still the same!=)
she's the one who always gives me lots of support and fun.
she can make me laugh till die.(caz she's crazy)
but in school she's a good student.
the prefect who i admire.=D
try to know her then you will know how crazy and how ngong ngong she is.xD
father bought a big present for my mom as birthday present.
now my house's back added two things.
come to my house then you will know.
i love the blue stuff!=D

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