Sunday, September 5, 2010

when im kissing you my senses come alive



my daughter.xD

quite fun that time.
the fun not just because of shopping,movie and snooker.
but is chit chat.
thank you jason
thank you yeelyn
thank you yeevon
thank you jia jian
thank you bunny
thank you yew miin
thank you jia wen
thank you zhi rong.(although i dunno you well.ahahaha.)

when i went there.
bunny keep asking them to skating.
i cant because im wearing skirt that time...x)
but at last they don want..
bunny was so disappointed and their parents too.xDD

oh ya..
i should thanks bunny's parents for fetching me to sentul station.
thank you uncle auntie!=D
bunny's mom sangat rock. her style..admire.=D

i went to full house with jason and bunny because jason need to keep fit..x)
so he gotta go to high class..erhemm.. i mean healthier's restaurant( they all was in mc)

i don like dance.
but i love it--step up.
this movie let me thinking of jia wen..xD(you know she loves to dance)
jason don let me to see guys who didnt wear clothes.x)

i don like sunway act..
but yew min.. ==
and suddenly.
i feel to learn it back again.
i miss it..
listen to the music and dance on the ice.
really suddenly..
can i ?
should i?
i want to learn again!!!!!


Jane Jiawen said...

no matter what, i support you ;D
HEEHEHEH I saw my name aaa XD

mini elisa. said...

YES! :) you should channnn! you will be super pretty if you dance on the ice. ily :)

Normal Ling said...

i want to learn skating too! =)