Sunday, November 22, 2009

i didnt.

i didnt say that before.
maybe he/she misunderstanding.
but that's end.
i don wan say anymore.
said much.
wrong much.
nothing for me..
i thought many these few days.
happy jiu hao le.
same as u.
who say we cant like last time.
of course we can.
we are best friend.

be sweet ya theng.xD
tomorrow i will be at the mines.=)

honey is sweet
but honey with coffee is bitter.
try and see.xD

1 comment:

ah meii : ) said...

it's just a misunderstanding..guar
all over liao luu.
u 2 happy jiu hao beh.

idk wad they said liao la.
yanmei still yanmei