Sunday, November 22, 2009

what should i say?
i love them.
they gave me support.
they gave me warm.
3xin's pic i don have.
or else i should say.
i love you all.xD


and what should i say again?
i'm really exhausted.
i must forget.
but not the memoies.
sorry for my remember.
but i hope the next step will be normal.
thats all.
if there's a word nice.
who will reject to?
let us wait.
let us think.=)

i love your care.
but not your dare.


bLuR bLuR cL@iRE said...

u tagged by me...^^
lets go my bl0g hv a l00k...
h0pe u enj0y answer it...xP

Mr.Andrew said...

u tagged by me too

口琴不再是梦~ said...

you are tagged.view my blog!