Sunday, February 7, 2010

a small party.

yesterday jia wen said that she wan to celebrate my belated birthday @ my house.
so i said ok.( caz i don need to do anything what.xD)
but then just four of them come to my house.
and the point is all not chong hwa's.
but ok la.
at least i know iven for six years already.x)
they arrived my house earlier than me..==( i was having society that day)
so the first i saw them i was wearing my school band's uniform. just like the pic i showed.
so took a bath then went down..
should i thanks iven?xDlol.
but i still happy la anyway.
the most happy is jia wen finally can over night at my house.xD

we woke up at 11.25a.m( ya. i know its late.)
then went for breakfast.
and so shooping @ sri hatamas.
bought a dress there..=)
then we chit chat alot during these two days.=)

thanks jia wen. thanks eunice.thanks ming. thanks ian. thanks iven.=)
shouldn't thanks ian lim .xD
i did enjoy myself.


Little Miss Trouble said...

HAHAHa shouldnt thanks to ian lim XD

salina said...

happy belated birthday gal X)

Normal Ling said...