Saturday, March 6, 2010

sorry that i didnt post anything .
as my com got problem adi..
cant post ANY picture .
so i will upload more about my taiwan's trip when i pixed my com...x)
i know its late.
but nvm.
thats what i must post.
thats a meaningful trip for me.
because already four years i didnt go for a travel .
so wait...x)

just back from camp.
i hope i have more than 24hours for myself.
i need time man..=/

today i need to cut my hair..
any suggestion?xD
sms me then...x)

i knew them more.
my eight group leader..
you all can de.!=)
i love you all.<3

forgive my bad.
i know i should think more..
thanks for everything.

key chain means all.=)


LeisuRely said...

so nice~ jie g bck wana c more photos~~

★Giantx said...