Monday, January 24, 2011

sorry that i didnt update my blog for n days.==
feel curious why i want to update my blog?
because quite many thing happened in this three weeks.=)
something good something bad...
lets say about good.

feel ok with 5sxin and everyone is friendly..
but i still cant show out my 38. (as im just a normal student inside my class. you know. im not monitor, im not any.LOL)
so i just can speak to the guy beside me.(ho zi hao)
i short but i sit at the last roll!!you know why???because of hui wen..=D

hui wen is my assistant.. i have wrote many important document for her..
lyn.. still my dearest daughter.. chatted with me when we have free time..

that not the main point.
i know something that you don feel to give up.
but you should.
try to get a new life for urself.
don just stand there do nothing.
step forward.
thats what i love to say..=)

undang test!!!!!=D

wish me good luck then..=)

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