Wednesday, February 2, 2011

new year eve... birthday eve..=D


went for undang test with jia wen.

we passed!!!xD

then, we went to sg and pavilion because she wants to clothes and i want to buy shoes!

so ya.. after that our biao gu fetch us to titiwangsa's monorail statioon.=)

i really do enjoy my day with her!=D



current at jia wen's house now.. this is my first time past my birthday at jia wen's house..


its good because i can 38 with her!!!x)

recieved earlier wishes .. but i dont know why i have earlier wishes??XD lol.

its ok... im happy=D

today morning we went to DUA GU's house to have our lunch. ( every year we do do the same thingxD)

latest me.=)

thats what i want to say now.

but i will update more picture soon!=)

1 comment:

raine said...

happy birthday^^
jia wen's house memang nice to play!^^